Working very hard to finaleze War and Hunger picture

Cevdet Akman was born in 1953 in Tatvan in the east of Turkey near the Iranian border.

He completed his A Level education in Tatvan. In 1975 he started French Enstitute of Gazi Egitim in Ankara.  After two years of his university education he had to give up because of terorisim during that period.

He has been painting and drawing since his primary school days, working completely on his own, without help from any one.

In  1978  his works   and  technique  with (Boll  Point Pen )  found  very  interesting  by  Prof  Ozdemir  Altan   who  was   at  Akademy  of  Fine  Art   in Istanbul. Cevdet  was  preferably  accepted  by  Mr Altan   as  a  guest  student. Cevdet  was  happy  to  have this opportunity,  breathing   academic  atmosphere  and  desire  to  learn from  such  a great  teacher.

In 1979  he  had been  accepted  by  the  Hochshule  fur  Angevante  Kunst  university in  Vienna  where  he  automatically  embrace  “Fantastic Realism”  and  had  the privilege to work  with  teachers  such  as Wolfgang  Hutter,Rudolf  Hausner  and  Anton   Lehmden  who  themselves  could  trace  their  academic  heritage  to  the  Austrian  Secession  Movement  and  with  whom  he  found  himself  in artistic  and spiritual  harmony.

Cevdet  tried  oil  paint, water  color  and  other  techniques but  he  was  also searching different   techniques   as  well.  So  he  developed  a  drawing  using  ball-point  pens  with different colors   which  are  appropriate  to  his  architectural  references. His pictures usually measure about 50×70 cm and 100×70 cm.  One piece normally takes   approximately one and a half to two years to   complete.

Before starting the drawing first he prepares a quite a few sketches as the picture is very detailed and can’t afford to make any mistakes.

The subject -ideology  in  his  art is” Man” which represent human being in life, human  struggle, war, starvation, technology, automation and cybernetics.   In our daily life we get introduced new technology such as phones, computer, traffic lights, cables etc.

All of  this  and other  events  which  happen  around  us, events  which  we often  consider  as  “ordinary” to put  it more  precisely, he  deals  with  the effects  of  these  events  on  people  and on humanity and ultimately with their ”mechanicalisation” effect  on mankind. However based on this subject  he  did  many detail work establishing   a  “Blind-Robot “ relationship  within the  framework  of  this  concept.

All his works   and exhibitions were   under the name of “MECHANICALISATION   of   MAN”.  This technique requires a lot of patient vision of reality.

Cevdet  has  worked  in  photography, interior  design, furniture  design and  some  unique  lights  as  well. He  individually  crafts  each  mirror, relief  and  lights  using a  range  of   different  techniques  and  working  with  various  materials.   He  has  also  worked  as  a  book  illustrator, his  technique  lending  itself  naturally  to  engraving. He also used the style of art-nouveau and  qotiuqe   for  his mirror design and  some  figurative  design such as  ballerina   and  even  very  personalized  as  a  portrait  as well. He also designed   Her Majesty the Queen portrait as a mirror and been accepted by the Buckingham Palace.

Also he designed  indirect  wall and  ceiling lights  for any  space  can be  used .Which covers  many  vide range  like could be historical, orientalist  or  very  contemporary by using  different  materials.

As well as designing  restaurants, private  houses, villas  and  apartments  in  Turkey he also   worked  and  travelled  extensively  in  Saudi  Arabia, Jordan, Austria. He  undertook  complete  decorative  schemes  for  banks  and  palaces, primarily  Prince  el-Rashid in Saudi.

Being   at  some  of  workshops  he  start  to  making  historical  wall  reliefs  as  well. Like  from  Michelangelo’s  “Creation  of Man” , from Egyptian history  The  “Isis”, Nefertiti ,The Venus, some from the ” harem”, from  Greek  history   like” Hellenes  bath”, whirling  dervishes  and  many  others…

Throughout  his  adult art  education  in Turkey  Cevdet  a  peaceful  man  who  lives  only  for  his  art, found  himself  in unsolicited  conflict  with  his  fellow  students  who  fanatically  and  violently  endeavored  to  exert  pressure  upon  him  to  espouse  state  sanctioned  art. Government  intervention  dictated  and  recommended  the  subject  matter  restricting  freedom  of  expression.

In 1990 Turkish  television  broadcast  a  programmed  entitle  “Youth  in  Action”  which  featured  Cevdet  in  his  studio  at  work  with  most of  his  paintings  and  photographs.  These  pictures, the  summation  of  21 years  of  work  before  and  after  Vienna  combining  cultural  and  political  mores  of  both  East  and  West, were  not   unnaturally, in an Islamic  country, subject  to  censorship  largely  on account  of  their  nudity  content.

In  1977  the  French  Cultural  Attaché  in Ankara  invited   Cevdet  to  give  a  one  man  exhibition  at  the  French  Embassy  and  subsequently  in  Paris  under  the  title  “Mechanization de  L ‘homme”.

Cevdet  has  some  exhibitions  in  London, with  his  art  work,   decorative  accessories  and  very  unique  furniture  as  well. His  work  has been  exhibited   sold  at  leading  outlets  in  the  UK   including  Harvey  Nichols, Earls  Court   exhibition  centre  and  Lauderdale  House.

Currently specializes in    interior design   and consultancy for restaurants and private houses.

Altogether Cevdet had fifteen one man   and group   exhibition in Turkey, Vienna   and London.

The Turkish and U.K Press have written about his art and creations. For more news & media links, please click

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